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HPS Grow Bulb 2,000K 24,000Hrs MK-HPS150 (150W)

Category: Grow Light / MH & HPS Grow Light
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HPS Grow Bulb 2,000K 24,000Hrs MK-HPS150 (150W)

Product Description

Item name: HPS Grow Bulb 2,000K 24,000Hrs MK-HPS150 (150W)

Series: HPS Grow Bulb 2,000K 24,000Hrs

Type: HPS Grow Bulb 2,000K 24,000Hrs 150W

Model No.: MK-HPS150

Specification: Color temp2, 000K, Rated life 24,000Hrs, Rated power 150W

Origin: China

Certifications: CE, FCC, CSA-CUS

Scope of application: Greenhouse

Packing: Neutral Packing / Customized Packing

Brief Introduction to Maker Lighting HPS Grow Bulb

Maker Lighting 150W/250W/400W/600W/1000W High Pressure Sodium Bulb:

1.     Power: 150W/250W/400W/600W/1000W with High efficiency

2.     Expected Life Span: 24,000 hours

3.     Color Temperature: 2,000K


Further Knowledge of HPS Bulb


High-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps are used in a variety of applications ranging from outdoor security lighting to indoor growing lighting. HPS lamps come in a variety of wattages, anywhere from 150W to 1,000W. All HPS lamps require a ballast to successfully start. This is because of the enormous amount of energy needed to start an HPS lamp or any other high-intensity discharge light, for that matter.


High-pressure sodium lamps do not have a filament like typical incandescent bulbs. Instead, in the center of the bulb is the element sodium encased in a glass tube. When this is electrified along with mercury, it produces light.


o    HPS lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. HPS lamps are smaller than metal halide lamps, even of the same wattage. HPS lamps come in different shapes to suit different applications. HPS lamps of higher wattages tend to be larger in length but not in girth like metal halide lamps. The 600W HPS lamps are medium in size and tend to cost less than 1,000W HPS bulbs or even comparable 600W metal halide lights.


o    HPS lamps can be used for a variety of lighting applications. Some HPS lamps are used as security lights, and others are used to light the sides of landmarks and buildings. Many indoor growers and hydroponic enthusiasts use HPS lamps because they are high in reds and yellows on the light spectrum. 600W HPS lamps are typically used in indoor growing and commercial security lights. Most consumer security lights use 150W HPS lamps. A 600W HPS lamp used for indoor growing versus a 1,000W HPS lamp means that the plants can be placed closer to the light source. Depending on the bulb, multiple 600W HPS bulbs can be more energy efficient to run than 1,000 W HPS lamps.

Light Spectrum

o    HPS lamps are good for the flowering and ripening stage of plant growth. This is due to the abundance of light that HPS lamps produce in the red spectrum. Metal halide lamps are commonly used for vegetative growth because they produce a great deal of blue light. This is the reason plants are green, so they can absorb both blue and red light.


Many indoor growers believe that LED or fluorescent lighting is more energy efficient than HPS or metal halide lighting. While this may appear to be true just simply based on energy consumed, HPS lights provide the best lumen per watt efficiency of all the lights used for growing indoors. LED lights may consume less power; however, their light output is quite low, making them not as efficient.


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