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Wing Reflector MK-WR24 (with 15ft output cable & socket) 24(30)’’*36’’

Category: Grow Light / Grow Light Reflector
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Wing Reflector MK-WR24 (with 15ft output cable & socket) 24(30)’’*36’’

Product Description

Item name: Wing Reflector MK-WR24 (with 15ft output cable & socket) 24(30)’’*36’’

Series: Wing Reflector

Type: Wing Reflector (with 15ft output cable & socket)

Model No.: MK-WR24

Dimension: 24 (30)’’*36’’

Adjusted Scope: 24’’-30’’

Origin: China

Scope of application: Greenhouse

Packing: Neutral Packing / Customized Packing

Brief Introduction to Maker Lighting Wing Reflector

Maker Lighting Wing Reflectors are original designs combining cutting edge science with biological beauty and simplicity to create a reflector system of unparalleled performance and versatility. They can be adjusted to wide settings and positioned incredibly close to plants for maximum light output and coverage. The wings may also be adjusted to more narrow settings and placed further from the plants. The adjustable nature and even spread of the light foot print gives growers the unique ability to create seasonal conditions indoors and efficiently trigger natural hormone cycles for faster plant growth, better health & maturity and yield increase.

Further Knowledge of Wing Reflector

How to Install a Wing Reflector

Hydroponic growers especially need artificial sunlight to keep their plants alive and thriving. One way to maximize the light from horticultural lamps is to use reflectors.


Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • 2 eye hooks
  • 2 V-hangers
  • 4 S-hooks
  • Jack chain
  • Horticultural lamp
  • Paper towels

o    1

Hold the wing reflector against the ceiling above the area you wish to light.

o    2

Mark the center of both ends of the reflector against the ceiling with a pencil.

o    3

Screw one eye hook by hand into each of the holes marked in the ceiling.

o    4

Insert the two hooks of a V-hanger into the two holes at one end of the reflector. Repeat this process with the opposite end of the reflector.

o    5

Attach an S-hook to both ends of a length of jack chain the desired hanging length of the reflector. Hook another S-hook through both ends of another length of jack chain the same length.

o    6

Hook the opposite ends of the S-hook into the eye hooks in the ceiling.

o    7

Hook the S-hooks onto links of the jack chains closer to the reflector to shorten the hanging height of the reflector, if desired.

o    8

Fold the wings of the reflector up or down to adjust the width of the beam reflected from the horticultural lamp.

o    9

Grip a horticultural lamp with a paper towel and insert the lamp into the socket and screw it into place. The paper towel prevents the glass of the lamp from becoming contaminated with oil from your hand.

o    10

Plug the reflector's power cord into a power outlet.

Tips & Warnings

·         Do not attempt to adjust the reflector while the horticultural lamp is on. Horticultural lamps supply hundreds of watts of light and can become very hot. Turn the lamp off before attempting any adjustment of the instrument.


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