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Hydroponic Leaf Trimmer--Motor-Driven--16”(400*400mm)

Category: Hydroponic Accessory / Leaf Trimmer
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1.      Stainless steel construction
2.      Extra sturdy leg design for stability
3.      Stainless steel adjustable powerful cutter blades
4.      Equipped with a powerful, efficient and quiet motor
5.      Includes a safety shroud to ensure workers’ safety and product protection
6.      Complete with ventilation and debris recovery systems
7.      Safe for saving your fingers, time and money
8.      Separate excess leaves and twigs from a variety of plants and flowers.
9.      Easily accessible for periodic maintenance
10.    Easy to clean:
To clean the blade, simply scrape it free of debris with a hard scraper.
 To clean the stainless steel grill, a metal scraper or razor blade works best, it will not harm the grill.
The rest of the machine can be cleaned with a damp rag or alcohol when needed.
All trimmings are caught in catch bag for easy clean-up or later processing.
 It has a sharpen free blade and maintenance free motor for easy operation
1. Connect the power supply and turn on
Connect the power supply and push the on/off button in front the leaf trimmer. The knob in right includes three speeds, just adjust depending on needs.
2. Place the untrimmed plants on the blade grate of leaf trimmer
Manually with tight glovers place plants on top of the blade grate. Move back-and-forth and rotate it at the same time. Then the fan will roll the plants into the gearbox, blades cut the plants.
3. Open the grate and find buds inside the gearbox and bag of leaf trimmer
Gently open the gearbox and find leaves or petals inside the gearbox and mesh catch bag.
4. Collect buds for future use
When the catch bag is full, remove it and pour the leaves or petals in another bag or just use another catch bag under the gear box of leaf trimmer.  Depending on the type of plants, the trimming can be used for the preparation of plants’ essential oils.
5. Repeat the process for more harvest
Keep repeating the above process until you have completed your harvest. When finished, easy clean every part of the leaf trimmer and preserve it.
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