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EVO HID Electronic Ballasts - Maker Lighting July

Dear Customer,
Good day! We are so glad to contact you in this beautiful summer season in South China. A lot of fresh fruit come up to market. We wish you could come and enjoy the good times with us. ^_^


Here we would also like to take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction of our most advanced and competitive product –1000W EVO HID Electronic  Ballast!
1000W EVO HID Electronic Ballast
Product Description
Item name: 1000W EVO HID Electronic Ballast
Series: EVO (Evolution)
Model No.: EVO1000W
Net Weight: 3.80KG
Watts: 1000W
Origin: China
Certifications: CE, FCC, CSA-CUS
Life Span:
Warranty: 2 years
Scope of application: Road, sports, square, station, quay, factory, greenhouse, etc
Packing: Neutral Packing / Customized Packing 








Brief Introduction
EVO serial electronic ballast (HID) is developed successfully in Germany, and then put into production in China. It is a new type electronic ballast for high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS), metal halide lamps (MH) and high pressure mercury lamps (MV). It’s a new generation of green lighting products and has the advantages of energy saving, almost no noise electric wire netting, high-quality illumination support.
Technical Parameter (HPS & MH Lamp) 


Model No.




Input voltage

120V / 240V


50Hz / 60Hz

Input current

9.16A / 4.38A

Power factor


Input power


Start current

About 2.1A

Operating voltage range


Total harmonic distortion


Operating temperature


Size (L*W*H)


Net weight




Superior Characteristics
The EVO electronic ballast has the following superior characteristics.
1.      Wide working voltage range: 90V~260V, it is applicable to the fluctuating voltage of power supply;
2.      Small starting current: The start current of EVO series electronic ballast is small, which can extend the life and reduce the cost of first installation.
3.      Low start voltage: ≥90V
4.      Energy efficient: At least 3% of the lighting efficiency improvement; at least 15% of the power savings (compared with magnetic ballast)
5.      High power factor: ≥0.98
6.      Constant power: support fluctuating voltage 90V~260V; output power is constant; guarantee stable lighting quality and intensity of illumination of lamp.
7.      High quality illumination: frequency ≥ 24KHz, light source does not flicker, for the Sports, Street, and Commercial lighting.
8.      Low harmonic content: THD<10%;
9.      Protection: breaking circuit, short circuit, hot protection;
10.    Simple installation: no need other boot; no need external compensating capacitor.
Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Because of PFC technology, its input current is complete sine, and power factor is greater than 0.98. Therefore, it does not interfere with the power supply. The constant power system keeps the lamp in the invariable power and basically voltage fluctuate supply environment.
Working Principles
When power on, AC (Alternating Current) 90V~260V goes through a full-wave rectification, and PFC circuit filtering, and then it’s converted into DC (Direct Current) 400 volts, and obtains high frequency 200 to 300 KHz. After that, a half bridge circuit convert it back into the alternating current. The resonance circuit produce a high voltage pulse, and ignite the lamp.
This electronic ballast has breaking circuit, shorting circuit, and hot circuit protection. Another case is in power supply or the lamp is shut in a short time. After light goes out, the electronic ballast automatically restarts about every 40 seconds. If the boot fails 3 times, it’s recognized as a circuit fault. The electronic ballast comes into the automatic shutdown to protect the security of system.
Installation Instructions
1. Use
The electronic ballast is used with HID lamps. The trigger function is integrated inside. It has excellent features of high efficient, safe, constant output power etc., and can be used in such places as road, square, station, quay, factory, etc.
2. Installation Diagram
Please install the circuit according to the diagram and guarantee the reliable connection for each point.
Please use the cable which can bear voltage >6KV between the electronic ballast and the grow light. The length should not exceed 1 meter. Make adjustment according to the installation and specific demands.
1.      To ensure the best working state of light source, the electronic ballast should be used together with the corresponding related bulb.
2.      The instantaneous output voltage may reach above 3KV (up to the end of grow light). When not in use, turn off the power by maintenance.
3.      The input rated voltage-frequency is 120V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz, and the operating voltage range is 90V~260V. Please don't try to use the electronic ballast in the exceeding voltage range.
4.      Environment temperature should be -40℃~+50℃. If the temperature is exceeding this range, the bulb can’t start normally and the electronic ballast life-span will be shortened.
5.      The electronic ballast could restart after the lamp is cooled. Because of the different characteristic between high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, there is a time difference to restart the device. The high pressure sodium lamp may need to wait 1-2 minutes, and the metal halide lamp may need to wait 3-6 minutes.
Common Faults and Troubleshooting  


Fault Phenomenon



Not light up after installation


1.     Confirm whether there is rated input voltage;

2.     Electrify the ballast for 2 minutes. If it still can't light up, turn off the power, and check whether the circuit maintain in good contact.

3.     Replace the lamp and then try again.


The bulb goes out immediately after light up

1. Check whether the bulb restarts after goes out or the bulb is completely cooled;

2. Check whether the bulb is tight, or the power cord is in good contact;

3. If this situation still remains, replace the bulb.

Although working but continuously flashing

1.     Check whether the lamp is tight;

2.     Whether the lamp works in the violent shaking place;

3.     Replace the lamp


The bulb goes out after a long period time

1. The environment temperature is too high that the electronic ballast comes to overheat protection automatically (This phenomenon may occur when installation environment temperature exceeds 70);

2. Lamp life has reached, please replace it;

3. Replace the ballast.


Best Wishes,
Marketing Team
Maker Lighting Company Limited
PRC Tel: +86 20 2207 8445






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